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MindExplorer Light & Sound Synergizer
auditory-visual stimulation / relaxation instrument

MindExplorer Light & Sound Synergizer is an advanced light & sound stimulation system.

Key features:

  • AudioStrobe compatible.
  • MindExplorer SW software - a powerful session editor, converter, player ...
  • With unique "MultiMode LightFrames" dual-color red/green glasses (optionally with SuperBright or SuperBright MultiMode Glasses).
  • Compatible with the widest range of stimulation sessions.
  • Open-ended system, which grows with its software.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes 3 CD's with ready to use sessions in audio CD format, selected tracks from AudioStrobe CD's ... and more.
  • Natural sounds and music as well as synthetic waveforms as sources of audio stimulation.
  • Excellent audio quality of computer generated stimulation sessions.
  • Compact and light-weight.
  • Works with just 2 AA removable (rechargeable or alkaline) batteries.

What you get:

  • System unit - with AudioStrobe decoder.
  • MultiMode LightFrames - unique multi-mode dual-color (red/green) light glasses.
  • Stereo patch cord.
  • User manual.
  • 3 CD's including:
    • MindExplorer SW - fully featured light & sound stimulation PC software.
    • 5 ready-to-use AVS sessions in audio CD format.
    • AudioStrobe Sampler - selection of best tracks from original AudioStrobe CD's.
    • BWGen (shareware version) - brain entrainment software.

MindExplorer Light & Sound Synergizer connects to external sources of AudioStrobe encoded audio signal using the included stereo patch cord.

Ways of use:

1. As a PC based advanced light & sound stimulation system
When connected to a PC, MindExplorer Light & Sound Synergizer can take advantage of all potential of the included MindExplorer SW software. Session importing, editing, playing with real-time adjusting of global session parameters ... and more. Full and easy control of all aspects of stimulation is available.

2. As a portable, external audio source based light & sound stimulation system
Once a session from MindExplorer SW is exported as normal audio (wav format), it can be (using other programs) converted to MP3 format or burned to audio CD and then played using any (portable) CD or MP3 player, outside of the PC. This feature makes the L&S Synergizer to be fully portable, open-ended system. Every user can create his/her personal library of AVS sessions, store the sessions in his/her favorite audio format (audio CD's, MP3 files, etc.) and play them using appropriate audio player anywhere and anytime.

3. With AudioStrobe CD's
Since MindExplorer Light & Sound Synergizer is based on AudioStrobe technology, it is also perfectly suitable for playing AudioStrobe CD's. AudioStrobe CD's are available from our webshop or from other sources on the internet. For more information about AudioStrobe CD's please click here.

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